YouTube’s upcoming AI tool could put an end to badly done cover songs


It’s not uncommon to find badly done song covers on YouTube. Not everyone can sing, especially if the artist they’re trying to cover has a very unique voice and talent that is hard to mimic, but you know what, we’ll give these creators props for even trying. But out-of-tune covers could soon be a thing of the past if YouTube has their way.

According to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that YouTube is apparently developing a new AI tool that will allow users to record themselves so that they can sound like their favorite musician.

The report claims that YouTube is currently in talks with record labels and publishers in a bid to obtain the rights that they would need in order to train their AI tool. How it works is that it will take the recordings of musicians and then when creators record their videos, they can mimic how their favorite artist sounds like.

This can result in some interesting and more accurate song covers, or just entertaining videos like skits and short movies. We’ll admit that it sounds quite interesting, although a little dangerous.

While AI definitely has a lot of potential, we have seen how deepfakes can be used for nefarious purposes for scams and misinformation. There is a lot of creative potential to be had behind YouTube’s rumored tool, but whether or not the record labels give their permission for the recordings to be used in this manner remains to be seen.

Source: Bloomberg

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