Boosting Online Safety: Google’s New Initiatives for Cybersecurity Awareness Month


Google is taking a stand for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, introducing cutting-edge measures to fortify online security.

Enhanced Device Security

With the reveal of the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Google has revealed what the power is under the hood. What powers Google’s new flagships is the Tensor G3 chip. This chip itself is super powerful. Not just capable of processing images and hosting AI processes but it will also help with cyber security. The new chip will allow the phone to become more resistant to potential cyber-attacks. This way, your data stays secure. An example of this would be how it now uses additional protections while using Face Unlock for banking apps.

Password-Free Security

Displayed on a mobile phone screen there is a G for google logo in a shield. Heading says simplify your sign in. Underneath is a gmail address with a profile picture. The paragraph underneath the email address reads : With passkey you can now use your fingerprint, face, or screen lock to verify its really you. With a Blue hyper link with the text learn more. There are some decorative keys, locks and finger prints below the paragraph. On the bottom right there is a blue continue button and on the bottom left there is text that reads not now.

Source: Google

If you’re one of the many people who fail to remember what they’ve set their password to, worry not! However, please use a password manager and never use the same password twice regardless of how tempting it may be! Google now has the option to use Passkeys to log into your Google service. Passkeys are a secure and seamless way to access online services.

Superior Email Defense

Gmail now has gotten smarter and safer. It’s AI already manages to filter out the majority of the spam you get. This way you never even notice they were there. This is being stepped up a notch now and requires stricter criteria for people who send large quantities of emails. This means less spam and a safer browsing experience.

Empowering Users’ Privacy

Displayed on a phone is the google chrome app's home screen showing the google search bar. There is an open menu in the top right with Clear Browsing data highlighted with a circle around the word browser.

Source: Google

Hiding your birthday ideas from your partner is going to become even easier now. Chrome will now have the option to delete recent browser history straight from the drop-down window. This will get rid of anything you were searching in the last 15 minutes. 

Dark Web Report Accessibility

For those who are concerned about their details being shared on the dark web, don’t be. It’s going to be easier than ever to see if your email address has been found there. It can now be found through the Google Accounts menu. 

Password Manager for iOS

Good news for our iOS siblings too. Google Password Manager is now integrated into the Google App. This means that if there happens to be passwords that are on the Google password manager and not on iOS they’re in easy reach.

Education and Beyond

With it being Cybersecurity Month, it would be remiss of Google to not be able to provide some educational and informative content about why Cybersecurity is important. Over the month, you can find everything from YouTube videos to articles on the topic. To make this topic easily understood by everyone.

It’s the hope that Google along with other big corporations will keep prioritising the common user. Making a safer internet for everyone.

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