Miss Playing your N64 Games? Analogue Might Just have the Perfect Solution


While a lot of retro gaming systems focus on using software-based emulation to let gamers revisit beloved retro titles from the golden years of gaming, there’s a growing effort among certain manufacturers to achieve similar results through more “authentic” means.

Take for example Analogue – a name known amongst emulation and retro gaming enthusiasts, the company made waves after the debut of the Analogue Pocket, a modern-day take on Nintendo’s popular GameBoy. Unlike the GameBoy however, the Pocket featured a backlit high-resolution display, USB-C charging, and compatibility with other handheld game libraries.

With that being said, Analogue equipped the Pocket with hardware that ran similar to the GameBoy, meaning that it can read cartridges and such. This remains the same goal with the upcoming Analogue 3D – instead of a handheld device however, Analogue says that the 3D is designed to be a working console with the ability to play Nintendo 64 cartridges. 

Analogue hasn’t unveiled any specifics about the system yet, other than the fact that it will come with Analogue’s custom operating system, compatibility with 4K resolution, four controller ports, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, and will support “original display modes.” Analogue further states that the system will be compatible with cartridges from different regions.

There’s no word on pricing yet, but it’s expected that the Analogue 3D will be available starting in 2024.

Source: Analogue

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