Study: iOS is less intuitive than Android


Why do people prefer using one smartphone operating system over another? There are many reasons for this. Price could be an issue, where Apple’s iPhones tend to be priced pretty high, which puts them out of range for customers shopping on a budget. Some might prefer Android because it is more customizable.

But what about the actual usability of the operating system itself? In the past, it has been argued that Apple’s iOS platform is more “beginner friendly” due to its more intuitive design, but it seems that may no longer be true. This is according to a recent study by Green Smartphones who found that in terms of intuitiveness, Android is actually better in that regard.

How they arrived at their conclusion was to look up the different types of searches that iOS and Android users were making on how to use certain functions on their phone, like taking a screenshot, making a screen recording, and so on. Based on what they found, it seems that iOS users are in general making more of these searches compared to Android users.

For example, when it comes to transferring photos from a phone to a computer, they found that the average monthly search for Android users was around 6,400 queries, versus iOS where it was around 15,000. This would suggest that Android users were able to figure out how to perform these functions out of the box and did not have to look it up online.

Another huge discrepancy in searches would be performing a factory reset, where the monthly average search from Android users was around 8,400, while iOS was at a whopping 61,000. So what do you think? Are there any iOS users out there who switched to Android and found that it was indeed more intuitive? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Green Smartphones

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