Google’s eSIM transfer tool makes setting up your brand new Pixel 8 a breeze


In some parts of the world, eSIMs are a bit bothersome because of the way some carriers have chosen to set it up, where users will need to visit a carrier’s store in-person and request a QR code to get an eSIM or to install the eSIM on a new device.

The good news for Pixel 8 owners is that the process will be a lot simpler as Google has finally rolled out its brand new eSIM transfer tool. With this new feature, whenever you’re setting up your Pixel 8 smartphone, you will have the option of transferring the eSIM profile from your previous Pixel phone onto the new Pixel 8.

This is according to a post on X by Mishaal Rahman who revealed that the tool is now live. The tool will also give users the ability to convert a physical SIM into an eSIM profile, meaning that if your old phone still uses a physical SIM but you want to make the switch to an eSIM, this tool will make your life a lot easier.

Granted, most of us only change our smartphones every couple of years, if not longer, so this isn’t something we need to do every few months. At the same time, making the setup process a lot faster isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. Google isn’t the first to introduce this feature to their phones as Samsung had previously introduced a similar tool in the past, but it’s good to see more handset makers are jumping on board.

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