Meta unveils its next-generation Ray-Ban smart glasses


A couple of years ago, Meta announced the launch of the Ray-Ban Stories, a pair of smart glasses that was designed in collaboration with Ray-Ban, a company probably best-known for their aviator style sunglasses.

Now it looks like Meta is back with a brand new version of the smart glasses that comes with improvements made to its audio, cameras, as well as a bunch of new features including the ability for users to livestream content to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, along with the integration of Meta AI.

In terms of audio, the company claims that the built-in speakers are now 50% louder and have improved directional audio that should help prevent audio leakage while improving call and music quality. There is also a newly-designed five microphone array that will offer up improved audio recording and capture.

The new Ray-Ban smart glasses will also come with an ultrawide 12MP camera that can shoot 1080p videos for up to 60 seconds, and with the use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 chipset, it will make the recording of audio and video a lot faster. This will also allow users to livestream from the glasses to Instagram and Facebook, while comments can be viewed in the preview or have them read out loud to you.

There will also be more hands-free interactions with the glasses with the integration of Meta AI, so users can call upon the virtual assistant to perform certain tasks and to control the glasses. If you’re interested in the new Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses, pre-orders are now live and they are priced starting at $299 for the standard version, $329 for the polarized models, and $379 for the transition lens version. There will also be options for prescription lenses but the prices of that vary depending on your needs.

Source: Meta

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