Chrome users need to watch out for fake update prompts


Back in 2022, a malware called Xenomorph made an appearance in Europe where it targeted over 50 European banks by relying on screen overlay phishing. Now according to a report from cybersecurity company ThreatFabric, it seems that the malware has made its way to North America.

In the latest malware campaign, it seems like this malware is tricking users into installing it on their phones by showing users a Chrome update page, asking them to tap on a link to update their browser to the latest version. If you do come across such a page, ignore it and close the tab immediately.

One of the ways to identify that this is not a legit page by Google is through its URL, where it will show a non-Google URL which is a pretty good giveaway. Why this Xenomorph malware is dangerous is because it can create fake overlays of your bank’s login pages. When users enter their login information, instead of logging into their bank, those details will be sent to the hackers who will then use it to log into your bank accounts and steal your money.

So if you ever get a prompt asking you to update your browser while you’re surfing the web, it’s best to just ignore it. You can always check for browser updates via the Play Store or by visiting the Chrome website and checking the version against your current version. Stay safe!

Source: Bleeping Computer

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