Android campaign hits iPhone square in the Blue Bubble


With Apple’s recent launch of the iPhone 15, it’s apparent there may be some teething issues. Users are reporting phones overheating due to fast charging.  JerryRigEverything showcases that the Titanium versions may not be as sturdy as imagined. It’s an interesting time to be an iPhone owner.

Ever eager to strike while the iron is hot, Android has released a new social media campaign called #GetTheMessage. 

This is a push for users to call out Apple about using old SMS protocols that have been around since the 90s. SMS and MMS originated in the late 1980s, and they’re still used in their iPhones today.

SMS or short messaging system was designed to send short text-based messages from device to device in a quick and seamless way.  MMS or multi-media service was the dedicated way of sending anything that wasn’t a text message. From a multimedia file or picture message from device to device for a fee that the carriers took.

Anyone who recognises this image below knows exactly what I am talking about.

Nokia phone picture messages, have anyone used this.?
byu/Rish83 inIndiaNostalgia

Here is a list of things that our iPhone brethren miss out on and what we lose out on too.

  • Low-quality images of iPhones from Android
  • No end-to-end encryption
  • Once you have lost cell coverage, you can’t send a message to Android users through Wifi.
  • No read receipts or typing indicators
  • Accessibility concerns over not being able to see messages clearly with the default green-on-white experience.

This push for updating to the newer and more secure variant makes a lot of sense. The conversation goes far beyond the colour of the bubble that you have. This is about making sure that there is just a greater, and safer, texting experience for everyone.

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