Meta’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are now available from T-Mobile

Image Source: Rayban

Back in 2021, Meta decided that they would expand on their wearables by launching a partnership with Ray-Ban, ultimately resulting in the Ray-Ban Stories, a pair of smart glasses that basically put Facebook on your face.

For those who might be interested in getting their hands on the device, you will now have a new avenue of doing so as T-Mobile has announced that they will be selling the wearable as well. There are three models of the Ray-Ban Stories, and the version that T-Mobile will be selling is the Wayfarer model that will be available in 50mm and 53mm sizes.

The Ray-Ban Stories is essentially similar to Snap’s Spectacles in terms of concept, where there is a built-in camera that allows users to capture both video and photos at a push of a button, and there is also a built-in microphone and speaker where it can be used to both receive and make phone calls and give the device voice commands.

While it’s not quite the augmented reality headset that many have been dreaming of, it is a step towards that direction. While the Ray-Ban Stories can be purchased from other places, one of the upsides of getting it from T-Mobile is that you get to buy it in installments at $12.50 a month after a downpayment of $149.99, or buy it outright at $299.99.

Source: XDA Developers

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