YouTube has announced a bunch of AI tools for creators


If you’re someone who knows how to film and edit videos, then putting together a well-crafted video for YouTube shouldn’t really be a problem, but unfortunately not everyone has those skills. Some people may have good ideas for content but don’t really know to how put a video together professionally.

This is why to empower creators, YouTube has announced a bunch of AI-powered tools and features that should make it easier for everyone. One of those features is called Dream Screen, an AI feature for YouTube Shorts. This helps users generate background images for their videos, so if you’re filming a video of yourself talking but want a background that looks cleaner and more professional than your bedroom, this feature will be able to do just that.

YouTube is also launching features like AI-powered insights, a generative AI that will help users come up with ideas for their videos and draft outlines that will be personalized for each channel. There will also be an AI dubbing tool called Aloud that helps dub videos in other languages to make it easier for their content to reach a wider audience.

Not all of these tools are live and available yet. Some are still in testing and are expected to launch either later this year or next year, so if you are a YouTube creator, then these are new tools and features you’ll want to keep an eye out on.

Source: YouTube

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