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We are heading straight into the mid-range tiers of the Samsung A line with the A22. The Samsung A22 is a step up again from the A12 and has more improved features that you would expect from the next step up in the range.

Let’s start with the screen, which has an improved nitt brightness of up to 600. This means that it doesn’t matter if you are at the beach or in bed, this is going to be just bright enough for you to see regardless of the weather. Making use of that screen is easy with the Samsung A22’s 6.5-inch OLED panel. This screen has Samsung’s Super HD+ technology in it. So, you can enjoy your content exactly how it is designed to be!

The cameras have a significant upgrade too. The quad camera set-up now has built-in optical image stabilisation. This means that regardless of if your hand is a little shaky or you’re in low light, you’re going to get better results out of your camera. The lenses also now have wide and ultra-wide options up to 123 degrees. So, you can take in more of the shot with just a click on the screen.

Since you’ll no doubt be taking this out and about with you, you’ll need to keep everything safe. As usual, we have you covered with the best cases on Amazon for you to enjoy.

Samsung Galaxy A22
There is always a good deal to be found on Amazon's refurbished store and for the Samsung Galaxy A22 there is no exception.
Vanjua - 2 Pack
This double pack of cases come in 5 different colour packs of complementary colours.
Osophter Shock-Absorption Flexible TPU
If gunmetal vibes are what you are looking for the Osophter has you covered with 3 striking colours.
Monwutong Phone Case
These marble cases come in 4 different patterns designed to please marble aesthetic lovers everywhere.
kwmobile Case
Undoubtedly when you're looking for a soft PVC cover for your phone you have to check out kwmobile for there range of vibrant shades.
Arseaiy Glitter Cover
When you're looking to make a fidget toy out of your case look for the Arseaiy glitter case which comes in 9 different colours and you can squish the case to your hearts content.
AICase Heavy Duty Case
Sometimes there are times you just want a heavy duty case to put your mind at ease. These cases come in 4 different colours so you don't have to compromise on style.
Gufuwo Ombre Case
Ombre fans around the world can rejoice as there are 3 subtle pink options for the A22.
Asuwish Clear Phone Case
Because sometimes you just want a clear case that does it all, you can rely on Asuwish to provide. This case is a heavy duty case with non yellowing properties promising its longevity.
Asuwish Rugid Phone Case
Asuwish comes through again with a more feature rich case for those who are looking for a more rugid look. It's a two part case with a soft TPU case on the inside and a hard TPU case on the outside. So, the case also comes with a built in kick stand and slot for a credit card.

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