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When you are sticking with the under $200 range of smartphones, there are lots of options. We’ve covered some of the A series so far, including the A02  and A13. Similarly, a lot of the same things said about those phones will apply to the Samsung Galaxy A12 too. You can expect an all-day battery with that 5000mAh power pack. The screen is a whopping 6.5 inches filled with Samsung’s latest HD+ screen technology. A quad-camera array is perfect for those moments when you are lining up the right shot in the bright summer sun.

Similarly, we don’t recommend this phone to power users who are looking to stream Genshin Impact or its ilk. This is a phone that is designed for casual use; browsing Facebook and checking your messages. The A12’s screen is perfect for those times when you’re looking to kill some time while waiting for a bus or just lounging around at home watching some YouTube.

With that in mind, you undoubtedly want a case to ensure that your phone is well protected through the daily shuffle of life. We have collected a series of colourful cases that should speak to you!

Samsung Galaxy A12 (32GB, 3GB)
The A12 is available both brand new and preowned on Amazon.
OtterBox Commuter Series Lite Case
Firstly, we have the premier case brand but at a super competitive price.
MTBacon Compatible with Samsung Galaxy A12 Case
When you're looking for a splash of colour, these pretty cases come in 5 colours.
TSAYGFK for Case
This slim PVC account has a small cutout for a credit card. Especially worth a look if you're looking for something with a pop of colour but not a full wallet case.
If your style is more alternative, these cases will be right up your alley.
Jmltech for Samsung Galaxy A12 Case
When you're in the market for marble-themed cases or some pretty realistic roses, you will love this collection of 4 cases.
NGB Supremacy Case for Samsung Galaxy A12
These are a series of cases for those who love colour. It's even adorned with a cute cat ring pull!
Goocrux (2in1) for Samsung Galaxy A12 Case
In 23 cute designs and colours there is bound to be something that will pique your interest.
LeYi for Samsung Galaxy A12 Phone Case
When you're looking for a robust case, you can still have a good bit of colour in your choices. This collection has 5 to choose from.
LeYi for Galaxy A12 Phone Case
Though, if heavy-duty cases aren't your thing, then don't worry! LeYi have soft PVC cases in 5 colours to choose from.
kwmobile Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy A12 Case
When the collection in LeYi is too limited for you fear not. As this collection has over 20 unique colours for you to choose from.

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