Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has reached the end of the road


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series was officially launched in 2019. This was before Samsung made changes to their update policy where the company promised customers five years of security updates.

This means that if you’re still holding onto the Note 10 after all these years, you might want to take note that Samsung has officially stopped supporting these devices. This is according to a report from Droid-Life who noticed that the Note 10 and Note 10+ have been removed from Samsung’s security update tracking website.

The last update for the phone actually came a few weeks ago, but moving forwards owners of the device should not expect anything new from the company. It is possible that depending on how critical the flaw is, Samsung could still push out emergency patches, but outside of that, owners are now pretty much on their own.

There is still the Note 20 series left and as Droid-Life notes, updates for these devices are still good for another couple of years. While the lack of support doesn’t render the Note 10 devices useless, it does mean that owners should be a bit more careful when using them, especially since they might not be as protected against future malware or security exploits.

Source: Droid-Life

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