Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Goes Live for Mobile Devices


After a lengthy delay, a number of teasers and trailers, Square Enix’s newest Final Fantasy 7 spinoff is now live for mobile devices. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is now available for download, and Android users can finally head over to the Play Store and grab the game for their devices.

One of Square Enix’s most popular games and media franchises, Final Fantasy 7 first made its debut on the original Sony PlayStation, and was the first in the series to be rendered in 3D. Due to its popularity, the game has since spawned several sequels and spin-off games, including a movie. Ever Crisis compiles several of these key events surrounding the entire FF7 storyline, all in one single game.

There is a caveat of sorts however, particularly with regards to the game’s pricing structure – Square Enix has leaned towards a “freemium” pricing structure for the game, which means micro-transactions and in-app purchases. With that being said, the game is free, and players can try it out to see if the Ever Crisis’ monetization policies aren’t too much of a distraction to interfere with the actual gameplay and story.

Source: Google Play

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