Breo N5 mini: human-like deep massager enables you to free your hands when using your phone, playing games


Have you been experiencing discomfort in your neck and shoulder muscles due to daily stress?

Lowering your head for a long time (mobile phone, tablet, computer, game) will make your neck and shoulder muscles tense up. The tight muscles will continue to compress the blood vessels in the muscles, resulting in smaller and slower blood flow in the blood vessels. Muscle cells cannot get enough nutrients and oxygen from blood circulation, and the metabolites (lactic acid) cannot be taken away from the tissues in time. After a long time, the muscles will become hard, lack elasticity, thus causing fatigue and chronic pain, and even causing Cervical spondylosis or aggravating existing cervical spondylosis.

Breo N5 mini human-like massage design can massage the upper and middle trapezius muscles of the shoulder and neck, and promote blood circulation in the upper and middle trapezius muscles through lifting massage techniques. At the same time, you can feel the 107.6 fahrenheit constant temperature hot compress on the neck within 15 seconds while hot compressing and lifting massage can relieve the pain of the shoulder and neck muscles. What’s more, you can enjoy massage at the shoulder and neck at the same time. The backpack design allows users to enjoy massage while working, playing mobilephone, playing games.

Modern technology has introduced new approaches to tackle these issues. The Breo N5 Mini miniaturized deep tissue neck massager is indeed a breakthrough product that bids farewell to troublesome neck and shoulder pressure, allowing you to enjoy genuine tranquility. For good measure we will throw in some nice discount coupon as well.

Breo N5 Mini: Warm Embrace of Soothing Technology

The N5 Mini utilizes warm soothing technology to relax the muscles of your neck and shoulders. In just 15 seconds, you can experience the soothing warmth of 107.60°F constant temperature, relieving stress and providing a moment of tranquility.

Human-Like Kneading Experience, Uniquely Crafted

The massage head of the Breo N5 Mini, designed with human-like kneading in mind, offers a professional-grade deep tissue massage experience. Equipped with “4+2” 5D massage heads, it thoughtfully cares for your neck, trapezius muscles, and shoulders. Compared to traditional neck massagers, it extends its comforting warmth to a broader area. The unique silicon rubber coating provides a soft touch that gently nurtures your skin.

Innovative Massage Science, Bringing Moments of Bliss

With its backpack-style design, the Breo N5 Mini allows you to enjoy relaxation anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re engrossed in gaming, attending to chores, or on a journey, you can have the freedom to use your hands while experiencing comfortable massage. It offers soothing massage not only for your neck and shoulders but also for your back, waist, and legs. You can customize different massage zones, intensities, and modes for a personalized massage experience.

Lightweight and Silent, Safe and Comfortable

Weighing only 1250 grams, the Breo N5 Mini is lightweight and comfortable. The washable lining ensures cleanliness and hygiene. With silent operation at only 45 decibels, a single charge can last for 7-10 uses. The constant temperature safety thermal press comes with an overheat auto power-off function, ensuring safety.

 A Versatile Relaxation Companion for Diverse Needs

Whether you’re a gamer, an academic, a professional who spends long hours at a desk, a parent managing household and babysitting, or an adventurous traveler, the Breo N5 Mini has you covered. Even for travelers, peace can now be found on long journeys. In a cold, air-conditioned room, comforting warmth can ease the chill. In particular, it is a perfect neck massager for women and a thoughtful gift choice for your lover, spouse or best friend.

Embrace Tranquility Today

Seize the opportunity of Amazon’s US limited-time promotion from September 4th to September 8th PDT. The original price of $139.99 has been significantly reduced to $109.99, saving you $30. Simply use coupon code “ BRPHN5MINI” to unlock this exclusive offer. You can also visit the official Breo website .

Breo introduction

Breo is a brand founded in 2000, specializing in portable massagers for 23 years with more than 200 direct-sale stores in over 50 countries globally. Breo and its subsidiaries have a total of 769 domestic and foreign patents throughout the company development over the past 23 years. Breo launch new models and innovative concepts frequently with international design awards like Red Dot, Good Design Award, and IF design award, etc. Breo was listed in SSE-STAR market in July of 2021, as the first smart portable massager company. Breo N5 mini has been sold over 0.8 million pieces all over the world over the past 8 months.

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