How Mobile Phones are Changing the US Gambling Industry


The US gambling industry has seen many positive changes in the past five years. An increasing number of states have made gambling legal. Not just that though, the improvements in mobile phone technology have revolutionized the way in which we gamble as per agamble.com casino experts, an online platform about legal gambling.

There was a time when phones were just used to contact other people. Those days are long gone and there seems to be little that a smartphone doesn’t do now. They really do live up to their name.

It’s been five years since a US Supreme Court Judge made a ruling that changed the US gambling industry. Rather than it being the Federal Government that had the final say on whether to make gambling in a US state legal, now it was to be the state itself that could make the ultimate decision.

This has led to over 30 US states changing their gambling laws. A lot of the attention has been paid to sports betting but gambling at online casinos has also seen a massive increase in the amount of revenue being made. 

2022 was a record-breaking year for revenue earned by online casinos and mobile gaming apps with over $55 billion earned. The chances are this year may again see a new record set.

That’s good news for the US states who look forward to receiving gambling tax that is received. It’s been welcome news too for US gambling companies who have seen business boom in the past five years.

As for gamblers who love playing at casinos, they can do so legally. That means better customer protection which is always good to see. It’s how they play games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat or roulette that has also seen a massive change. That’s particularly the case for those who used to have to go to land-based casinos.

The way in which smartphones have progressed in recent years has seen significant changes for gamblers. They don’t need to go to a land-based casino to be able to enjoy watching the roulette wheel spin. Nor do they need to be sat in front of their laptop or PC at home. Now you can use your smartphone to be able to enjoy playing slot games at casinos.

Gambling companies are only too aware of all these changes. Introducing an app to download is an important extension of their business. Smartphone users can download them and be able to play on their smartphones. Those companies that haven’t gotten around to introducing an app ensure that there is a mobile friendly version of their casino.

The speed of the internet is vitally important. That’s seen an increase in recent years which is excellent news if you want to be playing at casino on your mobile phone. The days when the speeds weren’t so fast often caused problems for players. Buffering was just as bad news as being dealt a King when your cards in a game of blackjack already total 12. The increased speeds have dealt with the buffering issues but not the cards that are given to you by the dealer, well you can’t have everything.

With larger screens also available, playing at online casinos on your mobile has become even more enjoyable. Squinting to see if that was a club or a spade that has been dealt used to be such a pain.

Gambling companies are always striving to improve their product. The introduction of live casinos has been a massive introduction. They give players the chance to enjoy an experience that is close to that seen at land-based casinos. Players love to try their luck at these live casinos. 

Mobile phones were extremely important of course during the COVID pandemic when playing online was often the only way to gamble due to land-based venues being closed. Many gamblers have become used to gambling on their mobiles and with more US states likely to make gambling legal, a rosy future lies ahead.

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