OnePlus takes a subtle dig at Samsung’s new foldables


OnePlus had previously confirmed that they are working on a foldable phone of their own, but the name of the device has eluded us all this while, so many have taken to calling it the OnePlus Fold.

It looks like we need to start calling it by a different name because in a post by OnePlus on X, the company might have confirmed the name of their phone, which will most likely be called the OnePlus Open.

The post also seems to be taking a little swipe at Samsung who had just announced their latest foldables, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5. The dig at Samsung has no animosity, but it definitely felt like OnePlus was trying to get in on the hype and maybe steal a bit of the spotlight off Samsung.

There is currently no official launch date for the OnePlus Open, but the rumors have indicated that it could take place this August. It will be interesting to see how the handset will fare against Samsung’s latest foldables. The rumors claim that the handset could share a similar design as Oppo’s foldables, which isn’t surprising given that they are under the same parent company, but only time will tell so check back with us next month for the details.

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