ChatGPT is now available on Android


Back in May, OpenAI announced that ChatGPT would be coming to mobile devices. It launched on iOS first and recently, the company revealed that they would be launching on Android this week, and now it’s finally here.

If you’re interested in checking out the app, it is available for download for free via the Google Play Store, but keep in mind that at this moment, the app is only available for select regions including the US. The company says there are plans to expand its availability, so if you don’t see it yet, it means that you’re not part of the launch, at least not yet.

ChatGPT is free to use, but there is a more premium version that will offer users access to exclusive new features, priority access, and more, but for the most part the free version should be good enough for the average user, unless you’re some kind of power user or researcher that might need a little more.

What’s interesting is that even Google’s Bard AI isn’t available as a standalone app just yet. You would think that they would have made it available when they announced it, but for now it looks like OpenAI’s ChatGPT has beaten them to the punch.

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