X/Twitter may soon allow verified organizations to post job listings


Twitter/X is making strides to enhance its platform by developing a new feature that could now give organisations the ability to host job postings on their profiles. Verified organizations on Twitter/X may soon be able to post job listings directly on their profiles, creating an exciting opportunity for recruiters and job seekers alike. While the official announcement is still pending, some verified organizations have already seized the opportunity to showcase job listings under their bios.

Dubbed “Twitter Hiring,” this feature aims to enable verified organizations to attract top talent for their open positions. They can conveniently display up to five job positions on their profiles, enhancing their visibility to potential applicants.

To streamline the process further, Twitter /X may allow verified organizations to import all their open jobs to the platform using supported tracking systems or XML feed connections. This would expedite the process of adding listings to Twitter and enable organizations to reach a broader audience effortlessly.

The initiative is seen as Twitter/X‘s response to the growing demand for talent acquisition on social media platforms. By introducing job postings, Twitter is poised to compete with established job-oriented platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed.

The idea of Twitter/X delving into the job market space was hinted at by none other than Twitter/X’s owner, Elon Musk, back in May. Responding to a user’s suggestion about Twitter introducing dating features, Musk intriguingly pondered the possibility of incorporating job postings too.

Although nothing has officially been announced, we may have gotten a sneak peek as to what this could look like in the real world. Media company Workweek has revealed that the job posting feature could be available to verified organizations as part of Twitter/X’s Verified for Organizations package. The sample below was originally sourced by Tech Crunch but the WorkWeek account as of the time of writing doesn’t have any jobs listed. So the eagle eyes over at Tech Crunch may have gotten a sneak peek just in time!

Source: TechCrunch

For employers, this promising feature presents an exciting opportunity to tap into Twitter’s vast user base and identify potential candidates more efficiently. While job seekers who may already use Twitter/X as a way to acquire jobs can discover new and relevant job opportunities. As the official rollout is still yet to be announced, the job postings feature on Twitter/X is set to redefine the way organizations and jobseekers connect with each other.

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