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YouTube is making a bold move to compete with TikTok’s popular features by introducing a new experiment on YouTube Shorts. Now, viewers have the exciting ability to transform the comments they encounter on videos into their own TikTok-style videos.

With this feature, users can discover amusing or imaginative comments on YouTube Shorts videos and use them as inspiration to create their own unique Shorts. While the exact mechanics of this feature remain a mystery, it appears to be influenced by a similar functionality already present on TikTok.

On TikTok, users can easily craft viewer-created Shorts from comments by tapping on the desired comment and selecting the video icon next to the comment compose box. As for YouTube, the specifics of how they’ll implement this feature are yet to be revealed, but it’s evident that they are borrowing insights from TikTok’s triumphant formula.

YouTube’s experiment with enabling viewer-created Shorts from comments is a strategic move to deepen audience engagement and entertainment. By introducing this captivating new functionality, YouTube aims to solidify its position in the fast-paced short-form video market while fostering a culture of creativity within its user community. As the experiment unfolds, users can eagerly anticipate exploring this fresh opportunity to transform ordinary comments into captivating and original Shorts.

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