Twitter will soon let users publish long articles with mixed media


One of the appeals of Twitter, at least initially, was that it allowed users to post little blurbs. This lets users post brief insights into their lives, their thoughts, and so on in short, condensed text. Unfortunately for those who wanted to publish longer posts, that was a no-go and they had to essentially link their followers to another site.

That is expected to change soon. This was confirmed in a tweet by Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk who revealed that the company is working on a new feature for Twitter called Twitter Articles. This would basically give users the ability to post long form articles as tweets, meaning that users who didn’t want to direct their followers to an external site to read their longer posts will have an alternative.

If this sounds familiar, it is because Twitter was actually working on a similar feature called Twitter Notes a while back. The feature was never officially launched, and Musk’s tweet was actually in response to user Fausto Chou who discovered that Notes had been rebranded to Articles.

According to Musk, this new feature will let users publish longer posts with mixed media, which would essentially create a mini website within Twitter itself. Musk claims that users could even publish an entire book if they wanted. It’s actually a pretty cool feature but not much else is known about it now.

For example, it is unclear how these Twitter Articles will exist in the timeline or if they will be separate from it. Also, we’re not sure what kind of limitations there will be, and if it will only be exclusive to Twitter Blue subscribers, so we’ll just have to wait and find out.

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