No 5x zoom for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra


Back in June, we reported on a rumor that for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the company could introduce greater zoom capabilities to its cameras. It turns out that may no longer be the case, according to a (now deleted) tweet by tipster Ice Universe.

The tweet claims that apparently Samsung will be using the same 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor that initially made its debut with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and in even more bad news, it seems that Samsung may actually keep the same sensor for the Galaxy S25 Ultra, which will only be launching in 2025.

Assuming that is true, it means that any major camera hardware upgrades will only take place in 2026 at the earliest. The initial rumors suggested that the Galaxy S24 Ultra could see its zoom increase from 3x to 5x, which is actually quite a huge jump, but that might not be happening anymore.

This doesn’t mean that the cameras on the Galaxy S24 and S25 Ultra will be bad. There is a lot that goes into determining how an image or video turns out. Obviously hardware matters, but so does software. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s hardware is already pretty good, so with some software tweaks it could be even better.

Either way, it’s probably too early to speculate about the Galaxy S25 Ultra, so just take this report with a pinch of salt for now.

Source: SamMobile

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