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Medium’s core objective is to place quality storytelling at the forefront, encouraging writers to invest time in crafting captivating and profound narratives. By valuing engaging, personal stories, Medium aspires to create a literary haven that nurtures deeper understanding and expression for readers and writers alike. 

Offering the Medium Partner Program, they’ve provided writers with an opportunity to earn money for their compelling narratives. Now, Medium is set to elevate its approach by focusing on distributing and rewarding stories that deeply resonate with its dedicated members.

To champion quality over quantity, the platform is redefining the incentives for writers, propelling them towards creating thought-provoking, meaningful content.

Excitingly, Medium will expand the Partner Program to 12 additional countries, inviting even more aspiring storytellers to join the ranks of its thriving community. Cyprus, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Croatia, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Bulgaria, Brazil, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, and Malta will soon be ushered in.

This encourages writers to focus on engagement rather than popularity. Medium is doing away with the 100-follower requirement. Instead, the platform will embrace meaningful metrics like claps, highlights, replies, and follows, while calculating earnings. By empowering writers to foster genuine connections with their readers, Medium seeks to reward and elevate impactful storytelling.

+ engagment points + follower bonus + boost bonus x read through rate adjustment

Source: Medium

As part of these transformative changes, the referral bonus program will be replaced with a follower bonus, emphasizing the importance of building meaningful connections with the audience.

The eagerly anticipated changes are scheduled to launch on August 1, 2023, further solidifying Medium’s commitment to becoming the premier platform for high-quality writing on a global scale. Writers and readers can look forward to hearing the voices of different communities on their literary journey. That way we can all celebrate authentic narratives and foster a community that thrives on the joys of storytelling.

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