Sony’s upcoming flip phone could sport a massive foldable display


When foldable phones were first introduced, there were concerns that the form factor was simply a novelty and that it would die out soon. Fast forward to today and that doesn’t look like the case. In fact, more manufacturers are hopping on board the bandwagon compared to when these phones first launched.

Sony has been rumored to be one of those manufacturers who could launch a foldable phone soon, and now thanks to additional leaks, we have a rough idea of what the company could be up to, thanks to a tweet by tipster @RGcloudS.

According to the tweet, they claim that the device in question will have a 7-inch foldable display and that it will be the flip form factor. The tweet does not explicitly mention Sony, but that’s what some seem to be speculating. A 7-inch foldable display is huge and it is bigger than what other companies, like Oppo, Motorola, and Samsung, are offering at the moment.

The post also claims that it will adopt a 21:9 aspect ratio with a 4K resolution, which means that unlike some other flip phones, it will be slightly wider instead of being long and skinny, which might be a good thing in terms of viewing content.

There’s no word on when Sony’s alleged foldable phone will launch, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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