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While a majority of online video content nowadays is captured on smartphone cameras, there are still occasional stumbling blocks when it comes to overall quality. For one, video stabilization still sometimes poses a challenge, as built-in video stabilization can only do so much when it comes to shooting video on one’s smartphone.

That’s what Insta360 seeks to improve, however – the company has just announced the Insta360 Flow, a smartphone stabilizer that comes packed with integrated AI tracking. The Flow uses auto tracking and 3-axis stabilization, which enables your smartphone to keep track of subjects all while keeping smooth and shake-less clips.

The Insta360 Flow comes with features including Deep Track 3.0 that follows subjects in real-time, Person Re-Identification and All-Angle Tracking that track the same person throughout an entire recording, and even Zoom Tracking, Slow Motion Tracking and Live Mode for calls in other apps like video-calling software, and social media video apps.

In terms of hardware, the Insta360 Flow comes with a built-in selfie stick, tripod and a power bank as well. The device is also pretty portable, as it can easily be folded up when not in use, and features a strong magnetic holster that keeps your phone secure while in use.

It’s available now for pre-orders at a rather affordable price, and you can check it out using the link below.

Insta360 Flow
The Insta360 Flow goes beyond your usual gimbal set-up and adds a ton of useful smart features and portable design, all geared towards improving your content creation.

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