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Mobile gaming is booming. Data shows that gaming-to-go accounts for over 60% of the entire industry. But the days of downloading one app one at a time are almost gone. Mobile gamers can now access a wide range of subscription services and free platforms offering new titles to play on the regular. So, here are the best game streaming services you should give a try on mobile.

Apple Arcade

If you own an Apple device, then Apple Arcade might be one of the best services in the market. This platform gives you instant and unlimited access to over 200 games, with more titles added every week. This ever-expanding library of games sits across several different genres, including racing, sports, puzzle, casual, and RPG. For a monthly fee of $5.99, which you may split across up to 6 family members or friends on a Family Sharing plan, you can play as many Apple Arcade exclusives as classic titles.

Better still, this subscription service is entirely devoid of in-app purchases and advertisements. Subscribers can therefore enjoy their favourite mobile games uninterrupted. iPhone or iPad users may even switch to another Apple device of their choosing at any time thanks to a cross-save feature, while an always-on DRM feature makes it possible to play offline.

Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass is often overlooked, but it has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. Currently available in over 90 countries, this app subscription service gives gamers access to a curated library of apps and games straight from the Google Play Store. And gamers can discover a whopping 1 000 titles to have fun on the go.

The service’s catalogue includes fan-favourite classics such as farming sim Stardew Valley, point-and-click puzzler Layton: Curious Village, and rogue-lite action-platformer Dead Cells. Some of the best mobile games are also right at your fingertip, award-winning entries like Monument Valley and Mini Metro notwithstanding. Much like Apple Arcade, all games are free from microtransactions and ads. Up to 5 other members can share its monthly $4.99 app subscription.

Netflix Games

Netflix is no longer all about TV shows and movies. The streaming giant got into gaming in November 2021 and has released over 50 games so far. And you already have full access to the platform’s catalogue as long as you’re signed up to Netflix. Contrary to most game streaming services, Netflix Games requires no new subscription. While some of the games on offer are ports, most of the platform’s library is made up of exclusive entries, many of which are connected to Netflix’s original series.

If you’re eagerly awaiting the epic conclusion of Stranger Things, you might try your hand at Stranger Things: 1984 or Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales. Fans of Netflix cult classics may also discover Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited. From The Queen’s Gambit Chess to Too Hot to Handle 2, five new titles should be added to the service’s lineup in the coming weeks to celebrate the summertime in style.


A user-generated content platform foremost, Roblox isn’t your typical game streaming service. This free-to-use app is as much a social gaming platform as a game creation system, allowing gamers to partake in exclusive experiences falling into multiple genres like roleplay, tycoon, or adventure. But this virtual universe is much more than a collection of games. From concerts to contests and creator challenges, special events are constantly happening on Roblox. Users may also explore the world at will, attending virtual exhibitions and hitting gambling venues that conjure up the atmosphere of a southern France casino or a luxury private jet.

For all their unique themes, though, these casino experiences offer only limited gaming options. Gamblers may therefore turn to new casinos to scratch that itch on mobile. To stand above their competitors, most new casinos boast a wide array of innovative tabletop games and machine slots from top software providers. Handsome promotions and rewards also await first-time users, ranging from welcome packages to free spins and no deposit bonuses. And top reviewing hubs help newcomers pick the right casino to suit their playing style with free guidelines and ratings.

Are you looking for new mobile games to explore from the comfort of your home or during a long commute? Whether you feel like revisiting your favourite game ad-free or playing games that tie in with the last show you binge-watched, the aforementioned services boast hundreds of fun titles spanning several genres.

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