In 2023, the world’s first smart touch large-screen full-function vacuum robot Redkey R20 will be born


Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular with consumers. The latest data shows that in the past five years, vacuum robots have grown rapidly, with a compound growth rate of more than 20%.

In order to improve the cleaning experience of consumers, many brands have been working hard to improve the technology and design of robot vacuum cleaners. iRobot is the founder of vacuum robots. It launched the first sweeping robot with visual navigation, entering the era of sweeping machines; Roborock introduced advanced LDS navigation technology to solve the problems of incomplete cleaning, missed sweeps, and resweeping of vacuum robots, leading vacuum robots enter the era of planned cleaning.

Redkey is a brand that has developed rapidly in the past two years. It is known and loved by users because of its continuous innovation and continuous solution to users’ pain points. It is reported that the brand will launch an innovative, the world’s first smart touch large screen full-featured robot vacuum cleaner, a real smart vacuum robot.

Redkey launched R20 to solve the problem of APP usage

The Redkey brand has noticed that most of the current vacuum robots are operated through the APP network to realize intelligent functions. However, problems such as complicated network connection process, long pairing time, frequent disconnection after successful pairing, and  inability to use the APP without using a smartphone are also plaguing users.

In order to solve the problem that the users of the vacuum robot cannot leave the mobile app, Redkey conducted in-depth research and created the world’s first HD smart touch large screen full-function vacuum robot R20. The machine embeds a large 10.1-inch screen in the base station. Users can control all the functions on the APP by manipulating the large touch screen. It is simpler, easier and smarter to connect and use. Even more unexpected is that it can be used normally even if the network is disconnected.

How does the R20 achieve intelligent control through the touch screen?

With the built-in smart chip, the R20 can realize the direct control of the vacuum robot by the smart screen. The user gives instructions to the built-in chip by manipulating the screen, and the chip will instruct the base station to send instructions to the vacuum robot through radio waves, so that the vacuum robot can be controlled directly through the screen, which can be completely separated from the mobile app, and all functions of the app can be realized on the screen, including schedule cleaning, map editing, suction adjustment, virtual wall setting, mode switching, self-cleaning, mop washing and many other personalized needs.

The smart screen allows users to completely leave the APP and use all the functions in the APP. The process is simple and convenient.

Redkey base station with smart screen makes cleaning easier and simpler for you

With the help of the smart screen, users can enjoy a simpler and easier smart cleaning experience.

Most prominently, without relying on the mobile phone, the smart screen can realize all operations and also avoid the complicated and tedious network pairing and operation of binding the smartphone APP. It is worth mentioning that the R20’s network connection process only takes 3 seconds; secondly, through the smart screen control of the base station, it can be used even without a network, which is convenient.

For the elderly who do not use smartphones, the smart screen of the base station can meet their needs for cleaning smart functions, and the large 10.1-inch HD smart touch screen is larger than a mobile phone, and it is more convenient and simple to operate.

Redkey has fully considered the needs of different groups of people. For young people, the screen of R20 is more cool and full of sense of technology. Similarly, R20 also supports APP control. After the base station is connected to the Internet, directly use the mobile APP to scan the QR code on the screen to connect immediately, without the cumbersome networking pairing process, it is very simple and fast.


R20 has powerful functions, giving you a better cleaning experience

R20 is equipped with advanced LDS laser navigation technology, which not only has comprehensive and detailed cleaning path planning, but also has a breakthrough two-line laser and acoustic wave sensor, which is excellent in obstacle avoidance performance. During the cleaning process, the machine uses 4000Pa high suction and efficient double-rotating mop to wipe the floor. R20 will also automatically backwash and lift the mop according to the settings to avoid secondary pollution. The all-round base station supports self-cleaning, self-dust collection, self-drying mop, automatic water addition to the sweeping robot and electrolytic water sterilization, without manual intervention, freeing hands.

The birth of R20 is inseparable from Redkey’s strong R&D team and major investment

In order to enable consumers to have a better and smarter cleaning experience, to help consumers free themselves from the troubles of smartphone APPs. Redkey invested a lot of financial and human resources. During the 257 days of repeated tests and experiments, the R&D team overcame a lot of problems, and finally produced the R20 robot vacuum cleaner, a product of sweat and effort.

The Redkey R20 robot vacuum cleaner will be officially released in July. Let us look forward to this innovative product and see what changes it can bring to our lives.


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