Nest WiFi Pro update introduces performance improvements


If you’re looking for mesh WiFi routers, Google’s Nest WiFi Pro is one of the best mesh routers out there right now, especially if you’re a fan of Google and love being part of their ecosystem. It is also incredibly simple to setup which makes it quite a joy to use.

That being said, it’s not perfect. There are issues with all gadgets out there, but thankfully in the latest update to the router, Google will be addressing some bugs as well as introducing performance improvements to the mesh router that should hopefully make your overall experience a lot better.

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Some of the fixes Google has introduced as part of its May update is fixing the reported speeds for those with 500Mbps or faster connections. It will also improve mesh speed test results consistency, and will also improve the overall performance, security, and stability of the routers.

The update should be rolling out as we speak, but if you’re not sure if your Nest WiFi Pro might have automatically updated itself, just launch the Google Home app, go to its Devices page, tap on the Nest WiFi Pro and check its software version. If you’ve already updated, you should have the firmware version 1.63.355999. If it’s anything older, then you will need to update it.

Source: 9to5Google

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