Samsung Galaxy S22 owners can look forward to some AI editing magic soon


These days, AI is all people can talk about. Some are also worried that AI might be putting certain industries out of a job, like when Adobe announced that they would be bringing AI image editing to its Photoshop software.

Now, Samsung has something similar that they announced back in 2022 called the Galaxy Enhance-X app. The app eventually debuted with the Galaxy S23 series, and the good news is that if you’re the owner of the Galaxy S22, it looks like the app will be making its way to your phone soon.

This is according to a post on the Samsung Community forum where one user asked if the app would launch on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, in which a moderator responded by saying that support for the Galaxy S22 is almost complete and that they expect the app will begin its distribution in the next 2-3 weeks.

The moderator does note that the schedule hasn’t been confirmed yet, so it could be longer than 2-3 weeks or it could even be shorter. Either way it’s something to look forward to.

For those unfamiliar with the Galaxy Enhance-X app, it is similar in concept to the Photo Remastering feature you can find in the Galaxy S22’s Gallery app. It uses AI to help clean up photos, like reducing blur, noise, and even smoothing out skin, color tones, eye size, and more.

This will help save users quite a bit of time when it comes to editing their images, especially if they don’t have much experience to begin with.

Source: SamMobile

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