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Last year, Apple introduced their latest and highest-end smartwatch in the form of the Apple Watch Ultra. Despite the more hefty price tag, it turned out to be a hit, especially since it has been years since Apple made any significant design changes to the Apple Watch, so the new look offered by the Apple Watch Ultra was one that was welcome by many.

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One of the features of the Apple Watch Ultra is that it sports a body made from titanium. While titanium is known to be tough and light, it is prone to scratches. This isn’t to say that the Apple Watch Series 9 is more durable, but if you’re paying close to $1,000 for a smartwatch, having it scratch would be more “painful” compared to scratching a $350 smartwatch.

That being said, if you do want a way to protect your investment for the foreseeable future, then here are some of the best Apple Watch Ultra cases that we’ve found that might be worth checking out.

Spigen Rugged Armor
Spigen is known for their protective smartphone cases, so it’s not surprising that they’ve taken that experience and applied it to the Apple Watch Ultra. It features raised edges to protect the body and display of the watch, while also being made from flexible TPU allows for quick and easy installation.
Spigen Thin Fit
In case the Rugged Armor from Spigen is too bulky for you, then the Thin Fit could be a great alternative. While it might not be as rugged as the Rugged Armor, it still protects the sides and edges of the watch while maintaining a minimal presence.
Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case
The Apple Watch Ultra is a beautifully designed watch and if you don’t want to hide it under a case but still want protection, Misxi’s hard PC case could be a good choice. It has a tempered glass cover that protects the display, and it wraps around the side of the watch to ensure that the titanium body doesn’t get scratched. It is also transparent which means that you can still allow the design of the watch to come through.
Made out of flexible material that is also completely recyclable, one of the things we like about the RHINOSHIELD Bumper Case is how clean and simple it looks. If you’re looking for a case that enhances the design of your Apple Watch Ultra while protecting it, this could be it.
VeveXiao Case with Band
The VeveXiao is probably one of the more unique Apple Watch Ultra cases we’ve seen. It has bumper protection that covers the entire watch and raised edges to protect the display. It also comes with a matching band that turns the Apple Watch Ultra into a G-Shock lookalike.

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