Can Streaming Save Money? Let’s Compare Streaming and Cable TV


Streaming services are becoming more popular every day and people are eager to cut the cord already. But those who are still using cable TV are confused if switching to streaming is beneficial or not. There are pros and cons to everything but if your main concern of switching is related to the cost, then you might consider switching. 

Below we will discuss various ways in which streaming is better than regular cable TV and how it can really save a lot of bucks. Not only can it save you money but streaming is more flexible and can be molded into individual needs of channels. The most important thing is having a good internet connection at home and streaming can take you into a world of entertainment that you have never seen before. 

Coming back to the point, here are all the ways streaming is better than cable TV and can actually help you save bucks. 

What is the Internet like where you live?

One of the most important questions one needs to ask oneself when switching from cable TV to streaming services is about the internet condition. Internet connection can vary from area to area and one needs to look into it before locking in a streaming service. These services usually need high-speed internet so that live channels can be streamed for you. 

On the other hand, cable TV doesn’t have these requirements and mostly works fine everywhere. But if you’re using an internet connection that keeps the speed stable throughout the day and night, then a streaming service switch should not be a difficult decision, just go for it. Be it live streaming or video-on-demand, your entertainment will be full and according to your needs. 

However, if you don’t have one good ISP, We suggest the best internet for online streaming services is none other than CenturyLink Internet, which provides the top-speed internet with a no-outage connection at amazingly budget-friendly rates. Isn’t this what one wants from an internet connection; keeping the entertainment going without bumps in the way?

Which Channels do you want to Watch?

It’s nearly impossible that you are interested in watching every channel that your cable provides you. One doesn’t even have enough time to know what channels are available. While cable TV doesn’t give you the choice, with streaming, you can pick and choose which channel you want to watch and which doesn’t. 

This way, you only pay for the channels that you are subscribing to and leave out the crowd of channels that you never watch. This also results in saving a lot of money because you are only paying for the channels that you’ve subscribed to. While cable TV might seem like giving you more options than online streaming, who honestly watch all the available channels? It’s better to have limited channels that one can sit down and watch.

The Big Question: Which One is Cheaper?

It all comes down to this question, can streaming provide the same or better services as cable TV at cheaper rates? We’ll simply answer this question; Yes, it does. When you do the comparison, you’ll soon realize that you’re saving a lot of money by cutting the cord and only having the channels that you want to watch. 

You may have noticed that streaming services also tend to raise their prices every year or two but comparing it with cable TV, it still gives you the edge. The cheapest cable TV rates start from $30 and the channel range is 50 or above while the cheapest option for streaming starts from $25 and the channels offered are 60 or above. You can also drop the streaming services anytime you want if you think the prices are more than what you’re getting.

Which One’s giving you better choices?

When it comes to choices, all the streaming services are way better than cable TV. The freedom to choose whatever you want to watch and even quitting when things are not going your way without big penalties is only with streaming services. And when it comes to streaming on-demand videos and other content, cable TV gets lost in the crowd somewhere. 

There are thousands of apps to choose from that offer countless genres of content. So many of them are also free of cost so the expenses section is also ticked off. While you’re bound to watch whatever is being shown on cable TV, you can make your own decisions and choose from a wide collection of channels via streaming services.

We heard someone call streaming services a la carte of entertainment and we couldn’t agree more. And you also have to pay less for all the freedom that you can’t find with cable TV.


With all the comparisons, it’s finally easy to decide if to remain with traditional cable TV or make the choice of going cord-free and choosing the world of streaming services. In a nutshell, streaming services give more features to you for way less money than what cable has to offer. With this, you have a wider variety of content that you can choose as you like, and that too while saving lots of money.

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