Netflix is finally implementing its password sharing policy in the US


Netflix is cracking down on password sharing, but for a while, those in the US were kind of “exempt” to it. This wasn’t because Netflix was playing favorites with the US market, it’s just that their policies for the US weren’t implemented yet. Unfortunately, it looks like that is no longer the case.

After initially rolling it out to other countries around the world, Netflix is finally implementing its password sharing policies to its US users. What this means is that if you’re caught sharing passwords, you might get an email from Netflix warning you about it.

That being said, sharing a Netflix account is fine if you’re in the same family and you’re living together. But for those who might be sharing their passwords with their friends, that is no longer allowed and users will now have to either sign up for their own Netflix account or the account holder will have to pay $8 a month to add an extra member to their account, which is still cheaper than paying for an individual subscription.

Netflix stated previously that they will use things like the user’s IP address to determine if they are from the same household. This has raised some eyebrows as some users might be traveling and might get a different IP as a result, but Netflix says that as long as that user has logged into their “primary location” at least once a month, they’re good.

Source: Android Police

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