The days of Netflix password sharing are coming to an end


For years, Netflix has closed one eye to password sharing amongst users simply because they were making a ton of money, but that changed last year when the company experienced a decline in subscribers for the first time which prompted Netflix to announce that they would be putting an end to password sharing.

The company started off with four countries – Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and Portugal, where they all got new “paid sharing” plans, where users could add other users to their account for a small fee. For those who are living in other parts of the world, it looks like your time could be coming soon.

In a letter to shareholders, Netflix has announced that they are planning to expand its crackdown on password sharing to more markets, including the US, in the coming quarter. One of the reasons Netflix shared this information in their letter is because the company says that they expect to see a “cancel reaction” to this news, but that they also expect that many of these users will be back or will come back as paid shared users.

That being said, if one of the reasons you are sharing an account is because it is too expensive, you might want to consider Netflix’s ad-based tier. The company recently rolled out some free upgrades for it where you can now stream at 1080p and watch on up to two devices simultaneously.

Source: Mashable

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