Blackview’s Oscal PowerMax 700 keeps your gadgets juiced up while on the road


For those who are constantly at home or who work in offices or schools, having access to continuous power that’s easily accessible is something we take for granted. So much so that whenever there is a power outage, or if you’re on the road and your phone battery dies, you feel a little lost.

If you’re someone who likes or needs to be connected all the time, even when on the go, then maybe investing in a power station might be a good idea. With there being so many to choose from, you might be a little overwhelmed with the choices, but if portability is a priority when it comes to power stations, then the Oscal PowerMax 700 could be an option worth taking a look at.

Made of lightweight, renewable materials

Like we said earlier, there are many power stations out there in the market today. Some are designed to be used as home backup systems, which means that they’re generally bigger, bulkier, and heavier and not intended to be moved around.

With the PowerMax 700, it has been designed with mobility in mind. Sure, it won’t be as light as a powerbank, but given how many things it can charge and power and how big its battery is, it’s understandable. But even as a power station, it is a relatively light power station and weighs in at just 7.9kg, making it easy to be transported from location to location.

It is also made out of renewable materials like PC and ABS, which helps to contribute to its overall lightweightedness. This results in a power station that Oscal claims is 30% lighter than the average power station out there, so if mobility is something you prioritize, this could be it.

Charge anything with its long-lasting battery

Power stations are basically souped up versions of powerbanks that pack a larger battery, can output more energy, and can charge all manner of gadgets and devices, so the PowerMax 700 is no exception to that.

It features a 666Wh capacity NCM battery that the company says is good for over 800 charging cycles. What this means is that even if you were to recharge it on a daily basis, it will be years before its capacity drops to 80% (but even then it is still very much usable and functional).

The NCM battery also features what Oscal is calling a Battery Management System. This system will help monitor the battery’s performance to ensure that they are being charged and discharged within its limits, which in turn protects them from damage and extend their life.

There is also built-in intelligent temperature management that uses a constant temperature controller to prevent accidents like explosions or the battery catching on fire, so if you want to bring it with you on the road in your car or RV, you don’t have to worry about it suddenly exploding in the middle of the night while you are parked.

The PowerMax 700 comes with 12 different outlets for charging, such as AC ports, USB-C, and USB-A ports. This means that if you need to recharge something as simple as a phone or tablet, that won’t be an issue, but if you need to charge something a bit more higher powered, like a fan, toaster, or heater, the dual 700W AC outlets will help you with that.

Multiple ways of recharging

Now, if you’re constantly on the road, then finding a power outlet to recharge your PowerMax 700 power station might not be that easy. Thankfully, the company has created a variety of ways that you can recharge the device.

The first and most obvious way would be to plug it into a power source like a wall outlet, but if that isn’t available to you, there are other ways. This includes charging using your car’s battery, using a Type-C input, or solar charging, the last of which is incredibly useful because if you’re outdoors, you can lay out some solar panels and recharge the PowerMax 700 using the sun’s energy for free.

According to Oscal, charging using AC power, car charging, or solar will take about 4.5 hours, while the fastest way would be to use Type-C along with SD45/DC6530 input that will take about 3 hours. The longest would be Type-C only which would take about 10 hours, but if you’re not in any particular rush, it should do in a pinch. At the very least, you have various options available to you so that you won’t find yourself with a dead power station.

Handy features

In addition to being able to do everything you might expect from a power station, the PowerMax 700 does come with several handy features that will enhance your overall experience. For starters, it features a built-in LED light. This can be useful if you’re camping outdoors and need a light source.

There is also a built-in large LCD screen that will show you important information like battery status, devices that are being charged, and more.

Pricing & availability

So, if you are keen on the Oscal PowerMax 700, you can actually grab one for only $240! This is quite a crazy price compared to other power stations that are similar in size and capacity. This is because the company is offering customers a whopping 60% discount if you were to use the “60POWERMAX” coupon code upon checkout.

It will also give you a free adapter charging cable and a car charging cable along with a pair of Blackview’s Bluetooth headphones, so make sure you take advantage of this coupon if you want to save yourself a ton of money.

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