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How to set your primary location on Netflix


In a bid to crackdown on password sharing, which Netflix has long turned a blind eye towards, the company has announced some policy changes that will be taking effect in some parts of the world. This includes Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain, but we expect that it will eventually be rolled out to other countries.

One of those changes will now require users to set their primary location. This is basically where users need to let Netflix know where they will be primarily watching the service from. This is done so that whenever you log a new device into your Netflix account, assuming you’re watching it on the same network as your primary location, Netflix will assume you’re living in the same household.

So, if you’re looking to setup your primary location on Netflix, here’s what you need to do.

Setting up a primary location on Netflix

  1. On your TV that’s connected to the internet, launch the Netflix app and sign into your account.
  2. Press the left button on your remote to open the app’s menu
  3. Go to Get Help > Manage primary location
  4. Select Set by Email or Set by Text and you should receive a verification link either in your email or a text message on your phone
  5. If you chose email, open the email and tap Review Request, or tap the link in the text message and then select Review Request
  6. Select Set Primary Location
  7. You should now see a confirmation on your TV and then select Continue to Netflix to start watching

Take note that at the moment, setting your primary location can only be done using the Netflix app on your smart TV. It will not work on PC, mobile, or through set-top boxes like Roku or the Apple TV.

We’re not sure why Netflix isn’t making this available on other devices yet, but hopefully they will as presumably there will be some people who watch Netflix primarily through their phones or computers or might not own a smart TV.

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