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Google has a new friend! It’s called Duet AI, and it’s been hanging out with Google Workspace products for a while. In fact, it’s become such a succcess that it’s spreading its wings and joining even more products!

You might have noticed that AI-generated content has been all the rage lately, thanks to the superstar ChatGPT. But Google didn’t want to be left behind, so it introduced Bard and added AI enhancements to its Workspace products.

Back in March, Google announced that it was bringing AI tools to Google Docs and Gmail to help users write more easily. These tools included suggestions for contexts like job applications and client outreach emails. But now, with Duet AI, these suggestions will be available for Gmail on mobile too! It’ll be like having a virtual assistant that can help you create professional email replies in no time.

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But wait, there’s more! Duet AI is also coming to Google Slides and Google Sheets. With Duet AI in Slides, you can enter words from your ideas, and it’ll help you visualize something that never existed before! And in Sheets, Duet AI has classification tools to make data entry easier and a “help me organize” tab that generates custom plans for tasks and projects.

Duet AI is also making its way to Google Meet, where it’ll help you change your background in video calls. No more worrying about messy rooms or embarrassing posters in the background!

And let’s not forget about Google Docs. With Duet AI, you can now add locations and statuses right within your doc with the help of smart chips. Plus, you can write like a pro in English, Spanish, French, and Japanese, and Duet AI will even proofread and check your tone and style.

Now, you might be thinking, “Whoa, AI is taking over!” But don’t worry, Google says that customers are still in control. AI is just here to help us out, not replace us.

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