Gmail is hopping onto the blue checkmark bandwagon


Prior to Elon Musk taking over Twitter and turning the blue checkmark verification into a mess, one of the ways to identify people who say they are on Twitter was through the blue checkmark.

While that has gotten considerably harder these days, Google is hoping to fix that with emails. The company has announced that whenever users receive an email from a sender that has been verified, they will now see a blue checkmark next to their name, as you can see in the screenshot below.

This is part of Google’s Brand Indicators for Message Identification program, which they launched a couple of years ago. For those unfamiliar, basically it is to help users better identify emails that have been sent from a brand/company and they want to make sure that it is coming from the actual company and not a scammer.

Seeing as how there are many phishing attempts these days with scammers and hackers posing as brands and companies like banks and other financial institutions, this could go a long way in protecting users from such attacks.

This blue checkmark won’t be available to regular users, but if you’re a company that wants to take part in this program and protect your brand, head on over to this Google support page for the details.

Source: Google

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