ChatGPT is doing wonders for Microsoft’s Bing


Most of us use Google on a daily basis versus other search engine platforms such as Microsoft’s Bing, but it seems that things could be changing. According to a recent report from Reuters, it appears that page visits to Bing have seen an increase of 15.8% ever since Microsoft integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its search.

In fact, it appears that Microsoft’s strategy could actually be stealing users away from Google as Google is said to have seen a drop of 1% in visitors since. Of course, 1% is not a huge amount, but it goes to show that Microsoft’s strategy of integrating AI into its search is paying off and that users are eager to try new ways of searching and getting results.

While Google does employ AI to some extent, the use of ChatGPT has created search results that are more natural and organic. Basically instead of users having to comb through websites themselves and finding what they need, the AI does that for you and then summarizes everything you need to know.

That being said, Google is obviously not taking this lying down as they have since announced that Bard is now available to the public for testing, so that might be worth checking out if you’re looking to see how Google’s version compares to Microsoft.

Source: Reuters

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