Google is finally optimizing its apps for foldables


One of the problems with foldable phones is that because there aren’t that many foldables out there, not all developers have the resources or desire to optimize their apps for such devices. This means that sometimes you might encounter apps that don’t play as nice with your foldable phone compared to others.

The good news for those who rely on Google’s first-party apps is that after the company officially announced their Pixel Fold, it seems that they are going to update a bunch of their own apps so that it will be better optimized for foldables and devices with larger displays, such as tablets.

The updated apps will include popular Google apps such as Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Chrome, the Play Store, Google Photos, Google Wallet, YouTube, Google Pay, Google Maps, and so on. In total there should be over 50 apps that will be getting this treatment.

It is a shame that Google waited this long and only after announcing their own foldable that they are giving its apps the foldable treatment, but we suppose better late than never. There is currently no word on when these optimizations are expected to roll out, but if you own a foldable then this might be something to look forward to.

Source: SamMobile

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