You can Soon Grab a Fully-functioning Optimus Prime Model!


Robosen’s efforts towards engineering and marketing some truly-impressive robot figures have not gone unnoticed, and the company’s newest addition to its growing list of products has us pretty excited to see what it can do. Robosen recently announced that buyers can now sign up for its upcoming Optimus Prime Interactive Robot.

While the company has not yet revealed the full details on the figure, it’s expected that the limited-edition Optimus Prime robot will come with a variety of motor functions, which users will be able to control through their smart device, similar to some of the brand’s other products.

This isn’t the first time that Robosen has featured Optimus Prime though, as the company has a couple of other models based on the popular Transformers character, although these depict the character in his more “traditional” look. On the other hand, the upcoming model will feature the character as seen in the upcoming “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” film.

At the moment, interested buyers can hop on over to Robosen’s website to check out the new Optimus Prime model, and sign up to be notified once the product goes live. Robosen says that more details about the model will be revealed in late May, and fans can even get a chance to win a limited-edition copy of the TRANSFORMERS: A Visual History book when they sign up.

Source: Robosen

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