5 Best Phone Transfer Apps to Simplify Your Data Migration


There are considerable numbers of cross-platform phone transfer apps, which can lead to severe confusion. To cater to this issue, you need to know the best applications to help you. Luckily, you are in the right place because here we will discuss the top phone transfer apps for it. 

You will also discover the reasons to use a phone transfer app. Moreover, by the end of this article, you will know the best and most reliable phone transfer application. 

Part 1: Reasons to Use a Phone Transfer App Instead of Transferring Data Using Manual Methods

Yes, you can transfer the data from one phone to another manually. Yet, many reasons assure you that it is not very dependable, and you should use an app for this. Here are the reasons that will motivate you to use the Android to iPhone transfer app:

  • First, you need to transfer data with the phone transfer app because it has no limitations. You can share any data with it. On the other hand, while moving the data manually, you will face restrictions to transfer photos from your iPhone only. 
  • The phone transfer application is compatible with major operating systems. You can also use it on several mobile brands, which gives you diversity for transferring. So, it’s a better choice to make transfers between devices.
  • There are no data loss issues in the phone transferring applications. You can also transfer only selective data with it instead of moving everything.
  • Transferring data from the applications is far more accessible. The process is automated, and you also get the on-screen instructions. So, even if you do not have tech-savvy abilities, you can transfer data with it. 

Part 2: Top 5 Phone Transfer Apps to Transfer Data Between Same or Different OS Devices

As mentioned, getting confused while choosing the best app to transfer data from Android to iPhone is likely to happen. To eliminate this, you can use the following applications to make the transfer:

MobileTrans App

Using this exclusive application, you can transfer all the data from Android to iPhone and vice versa in high quality. It can transfer all types of data, such as images, videos, contacts, calendars, etc. You can also share data on multiple mobile devices of assorted brands with it. Above all, it is one of the most serviceable apps because you don’t have to connect the mobile with a USB cable. 

By scanning the code, you can make transfers easily. Moreover, it is an easy-to-use Android-to-iPhone transfer app that can quickly transfer data. 

Key Features of MobileTrans

  • You can also transfer WhatsApp from one mobile to another with the help of MobileTrans.
  • It also lets you sync complete iCloud data to your Android device quickly. 
  • It is possible to customize transferring and selecting the old and new devices to transfer data.

SHAREit: Transfer, Share Files

With SHAREit, you can send and receive multiple files without any hassle. You can do this with or without any internet. It also notifies you about the space left in your device and how long the transfer will take. Other than this, you can also download videos and photos from WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. You can also use its Safebox to ensure privacy and set patterns and passwords. 

Zapya – File Sharing

Zapya is one of the most known Android-to-iPhone transfer apps. With it, you can create groups and join the previous ones to send and receive data. Moreover, you can also enable the “Shake To Connect” option or scan with QR codes. You can share multiple large files or even an entire folder with it. Above all, you can hide and back up the data whenever possible. 

Send Anywhere – File Transfer

Send Anywhere – File Transfer can assist you in sharing photos, videos, audio, apps, and many other types of data. You can also make selective transfers with it. Not only send, but you can also receive multiple types of data with this application. You can send the link or scan the QR code to make a connection. Moreover, for tracking progress, you can go to history to check the file status. 

Xender: File Share, Share Music

This Android to iPhone app transfer can help you make cross-platform transfers without any issues. It can also save posts and statuses from multiple applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. You can also convert the videos into MP3 and play casual games. There is no restriction to having cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection to make the transfer.


Through this article, you have learned about the Android-to-iPhone transfer app. All the applications can help you make the transfer. Yet the most recommended one is MobileTrans can also help you with the WhatsApp transfer.

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