Best Writing Apps for Android 2023


If you’re searching for the top Android writing apps, we’ve scoured the online market to uncover the ideal ones so you can work on projects while you’re on the move. As most writers know, inspiration may strike at any time, so always have something nearby to record ideas as they come to you. Writing apps might be helpful in this situation. With applications, you may start writing as soon as you turn on your smartphone. You can use Android apps on a phone or tablet, depending on which device you want to take with you. Thanks to the applications that this article highlights that ought to operate on Android phones and tablets, you have a wide range of writing possibilities when on the road. We discuss some of the top writing apps for Android so you may choose the ones that are ideal for you.

Google Docs

Google Docs provides many functions and is among the most widely used apps for academic writing ever. Most students love it because it’s dependable and offers an offline mode if required since it is a Google product. You may write on the move in this manner without sacrificing your diligent effort. If you’ve never used Google Docs, you should be aware that it is comparable to Microsoft Word but has the might and efficiency of Google at its back. The app’s capacity to facilitate collaboration is among the main benefits. This feature may not be necessary if you work alone as a writer. Nevertheless, it’s the simplest approach to provide access if you collaborate with a team or editor. Google Docs has an excellent auto-saving function if you have an online connection. You’re probably familiar with the frustration of losing all your work after mistakenly closing a document. You don’t have to be concerned about it while using Google Docs.


  • Open access
  • It works on practically any device
  • Various formatting options for writing
  • Export to various file formats
  • Useful templates
  • Simple to use for collaboration


Grammarly is one of the best apps for essay writing since it can assist in keeping your writing concise and error-free. It aids you in identifying mistakes in your writing, such as typos and weak words, and offers word recommendations. It would be best to use it for proofreading your paper for any glaring faults, particularly if you’re close to submitting a final draft in school. With this keyboard software, you can write anywhere and still obtain writing advice on your mobile.


  • Grammar review
  • Word recommendations
  • There is a free option, but premium packages provide additional features


Evernote is a great program with many embedding and writing features that are perfect for writing. Evernote’s folder structure might assist you in grouping comparable notes. Similarly, you may utilize their tags for this purpose. Considering how long Evernote has existed, you may be sure it will not crash or have any other problems. As a university learner, you can make several notes, make minor formatting adjustments, and write quickly while on the move using Evernote. Additionally, you may embed and integrate other types of media into notes, allowing you to include all the research, images, videos, and other materials you might want.


  • On-the-go writing
  • The app can record notes, videos, images, online clips, etc.
  • Simple organizing of all of your thoughts
  • The note-tagging feature

Are the Top Writing Apps for Android Helpful to Professional Writers?

In your search for the best writing apps for Android, you might wonder if they are helpful to experts in the academic writing industry. The answer is yes! Most of the essay writers from CustomWritings utilize writing apps to deliver quality orders. The custom essays they compose from scratch are often personalized and error-free due to apps such as Grammarly. Professional academic writers from online paper writing services using writing apps show the importance of such software to students and their academic lives. Accordingly, you can visit the website to discover the best applications the professionals will use for your paper.


LivingWriter is one of the most simple writing apps for Android in 2023 that allows you to write and manage your book simultaneously. It’s an aesthetically appealing app with a manageable number of functions. Alternatively, it simply provides you with everything you need to start writing. You may swiftly arrange your book with the aid of this program. To arrange your text exactly as you want, drag and drop the various chapters and components where you want them. Other writing tools require that you physically move it where you desire it or copy and paste it. LivingWriter saves your story elements and enables you to access them as you type, ensuring that you don’t omit a name or character. In addition to these capabilities, it can import well-known story outlines, including the Hero’s Journey, to allow you to utilize them as a model for the outline of your novel. You may also establish your writing objectives to help you meet deadlines.


  • The app enables simple editing by allowing you to move chapters around.
  • The capacity to save characters to prevent you from losing track of names
  • View your book in several format options.
  • There is a dark mode option.
  • Cloud-based to prevent data loss in the event of device loss.


JotterPad is another top option for writing apps for Android. It lets you launch the app and write immediately without formatting each part individually. They’ve been putting a lot of effort towards improving speed performance lately. Large files used to take some time to open, but with the v14 update, they open in a matter of seconds. JotterPad and Unsplash have a partnership that allows you to browse millions of photos to complement your text. Once you’re through writing, JotterPad offers HTML, PDF, Markdown, and word export options. This feature makes it simple for college students to export, print, modify, and email their work to their professors.


  • Both Markdown and Fountain syntaxes are supported.
  • Rich text and plain text options
  • Word and character counter
  • Use Unsplash to upload photos easily


Markor is the ideal writing software if you’re looking for one that simplifies things. It is a basic editor with no editing user interface. Thanks to accessible markup formats, it takes a few clicks to launch Markor, make a note, and start writing. Moreover, it has offline mode functionality, allowing writers to compose essays anywhere they can when they lack internet access. You may quickly locate the drafts you need without having to search for them by using a standard filesystem folder structure. In addition to the simple writing features, there are also options for adding to-do lists and bookmarks, allowing you to collect all of your notes, references, and other items in one place.


  • Simple, user-friendly writing app
  • Operates offline
  • Compatibility with more plaintext programs
  • Post your writing in PDF or HTML format.
  • Auto-save features to prevent writing loss
  • No advertisements

Final Thoughts on the Best Writing Apps for Android

In fact, there are plenty of essay writing apps that can be used by students properly. Choosing the ideal writing software for oneself is difficult. Fortunately, the majority of software this article has highlighted are free writing apps for Android, allowing you to determine whether they fit you. Therefore, since most of their services don’t have to be paid for, assess them depending on your preferences and requirements to enhance your writing experience.

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