10 Completely Free Reverse Phone Lookup with Name


People often need a free phone number lookup when they receive unknown calls, and they pretend to be some fake organization. Or when people remember an old friend and want to reunite with them, a reverse lookup is all that can help you.

A reverse phone lookup helps to find out the important, basic, and deep details about any person by just requiring his name, phone number, or address. By free reverse lookup, you can find out your target’s name, age, education, business, address, email address, phone numbers, and social media accounts.

  • TruthFinder – Find Out the Identity of An Unknown Caller by Phone Number Lookup
  • CocoFinder – The Best and Completely Free Lookup Service Site Available
  • Intelius – Find Out the Unknown Caller Identity Immediately
  • Instant checkmate – Find the Scammer through Email Lookup Service (100% works)

How Reverse Phone Lookup Works?

Finding any target’s personal details by a reverse phone lookup is simple. It is more like a google search where we put any name and find out relative results. It has a simple method. You just need to search the lookup service’s site online and then write or

 copy the target number in the phone lookup bar.

After a short while, the revere phone lookup would start showing relative persons linked with the phone number. You can then click the profile of your interest and find out details through the application’s database and public records. It provides a person’s identity, his acquaintances, other phone numbers, email address, and background check.

1. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a free reverse phone lookup with a name that provides details about a person through his name, phone number, and home address. It provides information about a person’s billing details, credit card number, driving license through its dark web intelligence service.

It provides search by name, search by phone number, and search by home address, background check, and white pages. In every method, it is required to enter a small detail, and the record would start showing possible results.


  1. The application provides a detailed view of the target’s background, such as his living area, his relatives, full name, business details, and education.
  2. Through reverse phone lookup, the application provides accurate information of a person’s identity, his public records, other phone numbers, and social media accounts.
  3. Truthfinder provides a background check on the target person and provides his background information, including his court records and spouse’s details.
  4. The application has a huge database connected to public records, but unlike a public record, Truthfinder provides all the details by a single search.


  1. The users have to, again and again, purchase a subscription package because the app does not provide a long term subscription.
  2. At some moments, the social media account details provided by the application turn out to be wrong and inaccurate.

Find information on any phone number with Truthfinder!

2. CocoFinder

CocoFinder provides details about a person by just entering his phone number or name. When the phone number or name gets entered by the user, the application starts providing possible people. You can opt for the person of your interest and find his details such as complete name, relatives, age, educational institutes, and social media handles.


  1. The application provides instant details about a person’s background, which includes his education, his records in courts, his financial state, and marital affairs.
  2. If you provide the app with any phone number, it will start showing the owner’s personal details like his name, age, relatives, phone numbers, and social media handles.
  3. The white pages of the application are an advanced phonebook that starts showing a person’s identity, his email address, and alternative phone numbers.
  4. The search by name lookup provides instant details about any person by his name. The details include his full identity, criminal history, billing details, and financial dues.


  1. The application provides special information about a target, such as his phone numbers and social media handles, at an extra $5.
  2. Even after charging an extra amount for information, sometimes the provided social media links and phone numbers turn out to be wrong and inaccurate.

Find the target’s phone number details with Cocofinder!

3. Intelius

Intelius works as a free site to find out public records of any target. It provides details about a person through his name, phone number, and home address. The application has an updated database record that provides instant results of relevant persons.

Beneficial uses of Intelius

  1. The application can provide any address’s information such as its postal code, its selling value, neighbor homes around them, a record of current and previous residents.
  2. It can provide alternative phone numbers, email addresses, phone number carrier, and target’s location by phone lookup service.
  3. The white pages work to provide phone numbers, identity, and email addresses of the target.

Minus points of Intelius

  1. Most of the users are unsatisfied by the app’s working and grant it low ratings
  2. It shows less information to the users as compared to the competing applications.

Try to Search on Intelius Right Now!

4. Instant checkmate

Instant checkmate works as a seriously free reverse phone lookup service that provides accurate information about a target. It has a huge database that is connected with a public search record. But rather than providing simple and only a few details about the target, a reverse lookup of Instant checkmate provides detailed information of the target.


  1. In case of any criminal past, registration as a sex offender or any account on dating sites would be revealed to the user.
  2. If the target has alternative phone numbers, email addresses, or any social media account made on the provided phone number, the application would show it.
  3. The information about a relevant address includes the resident’s details, area code, the selling price of the house, and any sex offender registered in the neighborhood.
  4. In case of any financial loan, the business is registered on the target phone number; the phone number lookup will display its details to the user.


  1. The confusing price strategies conclude users to buy the wrong subscription according to their requirements.
  2. The services that this lookup service provides at a steep price can also be available at public records without any fees.

Get the best check with Instant Checkmate here.

5. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch has a comprehensive data engine that produces a confidential report containing deep details of the owner. It includes the owner’s name, address history, relatives, age, phone type, and carrier associated with that number.

It provides information on the target through his name, phone number, and email address. The app is widely known for providing accurate information about spam or fake calls.

Key-points of ZabaSearch

  1. The application provides information about the target by his email address. It informs the user about the target’s identity and social accounts.
  2. It helps to provide the information about received emails and reveals the spam and fake mails.
  3. By gaining the name of the target, the application provides the full identity of the target, including his location, education, business, etc.

Shortcomings of ZabaSearch

  1. The application provides deceptive price practices, which concludes confusion in the user.
  2. The alternative phone numbers or other connected emails and social media accounts turn out inaccurate.

6. Search Quarry

Search Quarry is a reverse lookup service that provides information about the target, his identity, email address, social media accounts, and educational information. It is more like a google search where you put a person’s name, and google starts providing possible search.

Upright points

  1. The application has many upright points and provides phone lookup service and search by name service. Both services provide details about a person’s identity and age.
  2. By the phone lookup service, the software provides details about a person’s criminal history and educational details.
  3. The lookup service offers hidden or personal information. If the person has any business, influential relatives, or family members, the software shows it in a single search.

Downside reviews

  1. It requires extra fees for some features but still shows accuracy in providing data. For example, it shows the wrong social accounts.
  2. It requires cancellation fees, which seems a drawback to its users.

7. Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a great tool that can help you spot scam messages, calls, or emails by helping you verify a person’s identity using publicly available information, such as their age, email address, phone number, marital status, criminal background checks and details form their various profile on social media as well. 

Helpful features of Social Catfish

  1. Verify a person’s identity by phone number email address, physical address
  2. Verify a person’s identity using a dating app profile
  3. Identify a person using images

Note: a previous update stated that Social Catfish could be used to view a person’s credit card and bank account details. This information was incorrect and has been removed from our description of the service.

8. Addresses

Addresses works as a public search and provides basic details of the target, such as his name, age, educational institutes, and criminal history. The application has to search by name and search by phone number. It requires adding the number or name of the target and provides sufficient details.


  1. The application provides an email address lookup by which you can identify the scam emails and can be safe from falling prey. It provides a history of the target person through his email.
  2. It works on an address as well and provides details about the area worth, the selling price of the house, and details of current and past residents.
  3. The application provides background details of a person, such as his employment history and financial record.


  1. Although it is free to use, it lacks many features because it is a public search service.
  2. It gives inaccurate results about past residents of the house present at the given address.

9. BackgroundCheck

BackgroundCheck is widely known for providing background information about a target. It searches the details of the target through his number or name. It claims to be on top to find background information about any business account and any individual.

The software shows criminal records and financial information of the target.

Accomplishments of BackgroundCheck

  1. It is famous for pulling off the record of the target if he has any criminal background, criminal relatives, or court records.
  2. If the businessman or any organization is registered as an offender or social rights violator, the software also shows it.
  3. If the person has any educational record, the application displays the education details as well. It displays the financial record and employment history of the target.

What are the drawbacks of BackgroundCheck?

  1. It shows a little inaccuracy to provide a financial record of target and employment history details.
  2. The prices of BackgroundChecks subscriptions are high and unaffordable.


10. US Search

US Search helps people to find out any person’s or property’s record in the US. It provides the current address, phone numbers, home value, and household members of the target. It has vast options to search as it offers business checks, background checks, property details, and target’s personal details.

Plus points of US search

  1. Its phone lookup service provides the name of the target, the current address of the target, his living history, and business details.
  2. If you want to check the background of the target, the software provides criminal records of the target and sex-offending history if it exists.
  3. The software shows the property records of the target’s residency and displays the selling price of the property. It also shows the neighborhood areas and their worth.

Drawbacks of US Search

  1. The software only provides its services in the US area. It is useless in any other area.
  2. The application does not show accurate results about the target’s residency and alternative phone numbers.


The article has concluded details about 10 completely free reverse phone lookup with name that provides sufficient details about the target by his name, phone number, or email address.

If you have ever received any fake calls, you can put the number on these applications and search target details using a phone lookup service. Likewise, the applications also provide the identity of the person sending fake and scam emails. This feature is beneficial for users and prevents them from falling a target to fake emails.

The lookup services have vast database records, which help to provide the user with accurate results.

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