Best Budget Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21+


The Samsung S21 + iterates on the normal S21 taking on the new style making use of its 6.7-inch display offering an edge-to-edge experience and producing seamless pictures utilizing its Ultra AMOLED technology that supports 120Hz refresh rate.

Powered by 5nm processors, which are still some of the fastest processors you can get, give you the performance you need. This will be perfect for any of your gaming or video content needs. The S21+ features a stunning 8K video resolution, allowing you to capture your special moments in the highest quality. But all of this power must be protected, and the best way to do that is through a case. 

We are gonna be rounding up some of our favourites for this list throwing in a few more shoutouts for various budgets this time around.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
The Samsung S21 but with more power and more versitility.
OtterBox Defender Pro Series
Otterbox's premier protection the Defender series Pro, comes to Samsung Galaxy S21+. For those who are looking for the most rugid phone case out there, you can't get more secure than this.
Esdot for Samsung Galaxy S21 Case
Sometimes you want drop protection that is pretty. The Esdot covers this in spades. My personal favourite is the littler flowers design.
OtterBox Symmetry Series
The Symmetry series is perfect for that additional bit of protection, yet showing off a little bit of your phones natural beauty. I personally have had the Stardust for most of my devices.
Spigen Liquid Air Case
If all you're looking for is something that is thin and grippy for your phone case, you can't do much better then Spigen Liquid Air.
OtterBox Prefix Series Slim Case
Where you're an Otterbox diehard fan but really want something thin like a Spigen, this is for you.
X-level Super Thin Case
If you're looking for something razer thin but in a vaster area of colours than a Spiegen or Otterbox X-Level has really leveled up on their offerings.
Amazon Basics Clear Soft TPU Cover for Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
For the basics fans among us, Amazon basics come in again with this plain and simple TPU case.
LETO Galaxy S21 Plus Case
While initially you may think of this as slightly more girly than our other offerings. You can't deny the utility that comes with having added pockets on your phone to store emergency cash or ID. It comes in both plain and patterned options. My favourite is constalation.
CloudValley for Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Case
If you're looking for something that covers all the bases. Literally. Then look no further than the CloudValley that offers rugid protection as well as covers for your phone's camera.

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