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I’m not sure if we should be surprised anymore about millionaires making us pay for features that were once free, but Mark Zuckerberg has done an Elon Musk introducing Meta Verified to Facebook and Instagram. In an announcement through Facebook last night, and confirmed through the Meta blog, Mark Zuckerberg announced the new verification system for Facebook and Instagram accounts. This verification system is on a trial basis at the moment but is meant to have a suite of new features for users. 

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The tool is largely targeted toward content creators. Meta promises that it would be an easier way of allowing content creators to develop their communities and scale their digital presence. How this would work is by prioritizing Meta Verified users in search results, offering priority support with human and impersonation deterrents. For those who already have been verified prior to these new changes, there will be no additional steps to take, and you will not use your verified status if you are a legacy verified account. 

However, things are a little tricker when it comes to the steps you need in order to be verified. You will need to submit a government ID as part of the verification process, which, not a lot of people would be comfortable with. It also means that for people who don’t have a passport or other recognized government ID, it would rule out some business owners. There is also no mention on the Meta blog of how this process is meant to work for business owners who’ve changed their names recently. As the blog mentions that you cannot change core details like your name or photo without going through the verification process again. 

Right now, the beta is only being rolled out in Australia and New Zealand. Costs vary across regions and platforms with AUD19.99 on the web, and AUD24.99 on iOS and Android in Australia. And in New Zealand NZD23.99 on the web, and NZD29.99 on iOS and Android. But as to be expected, they are hoping to roll this out to the rest of the world as they work out the kinks, while they open up the verifications for more users other than just content creators. 

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