TikTok could start charging users to watch videos


Platforms like Instagram and YouTube have introduced paywalled content, where creators can create content that they can lock behind a paywall. This allows these platforms and creators to earn more money and create exclusive content for their paying subscribers and followers.

Now it looks like TikTok could be considering a similar move. According to a report from The Information (paywall), it seems that TikTok is working on a new feature that would allow creators to put some of their content behind a paywall. Users will then have to pay as little as $1 or an amount set by the creator if they want to unlock it and view its contents.

In an emailed statement, TikTok spokesperson Zachary Kizer was quoted as saying:

“We’re committed to exploring new ways to create a valuable and rewarding experience for the TikTok creator community. On TikTok, anyone can be a creator and everyone can enjoy entertainment from our inspiring creators, and we aim to continue innovating this experience so people can express themselves, find their community, and be rewarded for their creativity.”

It is unclear when TikTok is expected to roll out this feature so we’ll just have to wait and see. That being said, we’re not sure if paywalled content is something TikTok users might be willing to pay for. TikTok is known for their short form videos, usually lasting less than a minute, so to ask users to pay money to watch such short clips might be too much.

Source: The Verge

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