May 9th, 2022

In-app purchases are the bane of parents all over the world, especially if their phones are used by kids who might not necessarily understand the value of money. Such is the case over in the UK where in a letter submitted to the Telegraph, a reader going by the name “AH” revealed how their 10-year old daughter managed to spend $2,500 on TikTok.

According to the poster, they gave their 10-year old daughter, who has autism and “learning difficulties”, an iPhone as a Christmas present. Within a few days, she managed to rack up a $2,500 bill in coins bought in the TikTok app. This was discovered after Apple had sent invoices to the parents’ email.

The post goes on to claim that they tried to get a refund from Apple for the 23 purchases, but were refused. They were also given a link to Apple’s legal processes which they did not find very useful or helpful at all. Now there is some good news to this tale. When Apple could not help, TikTok was contacted to help.

It was later discovered in their investigations that the TikTok user that the 10-year old had bought coins for had violated the company’s guidelines for frauds and scams where they apparently took payments in exchange for followers. After providing this additional information to Apple, the company decided to refund the parents in full.

Source: Telegraph

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