Online Case Listings Show off the Google Pixel 7a’s Design


Google’s drastic redesign of its Pixel smartphones starting with the Pixel 6 series has no doubt given the company’s flagship devices a visual identity of their own, and it doesn’t look like Google is straying away from this style anytime soon. A new set of leaked case photos show off what the Pixel 7a could look like, showing us the phone’s different angles.

Based on the photos, the 7a will bear a close resemblance to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 6a, especially with the rectangular shape, camera window, and the dual-lens glass cover. Thanks to the transparent case, we’re able to get a glimpse of the 7a all over – the design retains the central hole-punch camera that we’ve seen in newer Pixel phones as well.

Google’s A-series phones typically carry over design traits from its flagship models. The Pixel 3a adopted the design of the pixel 3, the Pixel 4a the Pixel 4 (albeit with changes to the screen), the Pixel 6a from the 6, and so on. Of course, the A-series phones mostly used polycarbonate instead of the glass materials that are used on flagship Pixels.

Previously, there have been other leaks concerning the Pixel 7a, which some say might come with 8GB of RAM, a step-up from the 6a from last year. Nothing is official yet, of course, so a bit of waiting is to be expected before we get official word from Google itself.

Source: Slashleaks

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