New VR Headset from Meta to be released in October


Apparently, the Meta Quest Pro could be the upcoming VR device from Meta. It was expected to be released at the same time as Project Cambria, a rumoured high-end device rumoured to debut in October of this year. The Quest Pro or Project Cambria are most likely the same premium all-in-one VR system, according to recent speculation. However, additional information should become available throughout the Meta Connect event on October 11.

What we do know is that Meta (previously Facebook) is developing the Meta Quest 2, a successor to its Oculus Quest 2, that could cost more than the finest VR gear and have cutting-edge sensors tailored for the Metaverse. In order to justify a premium price, the headgear will also support unique mixed-reality experiences.

As of now, Meta has planned out how it would release a new VR headset in 2022. The Quest Pro, and not the reported Meta Quest 3, now seems to be that headset.

Source: Meta

A dual-screen technology with a hefty $1,500 price tag is the reported Meta Quest Pro. This would differentiate it from the Meta Quest 2 and maybe direct it toward developers and business users as opposed to players and consumers. Even still, it seems to be compatible with the greatest Oculus Quest 2 games, suggesting that it may not be entirely divorced from the Quest name.

According to The Verge, Mark Zuckerberg Meta CEO says Cambria has a ways to go before the firm can reach the price tiers that they intend to meet with Quest. Developing new functionalities appears to be focused more at present than pricing.

When Zuckerburg said that, it seemed he was not deceiving anyone. According to the most recent speculation from insiders, the Quest Pro will reportedly come with a $1,500 package that contains a headset and peripherals (like controllers, a charging pad, wires, etc.). There are also rumours that the controllers will cost $300 when packaged with something like a charging dock.

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