Jan 24th, 2023

The battery life on our smartphones is still a bit contentious these days. For the most part, we can probably squeeze a day or up to a day and a half out of our phones, but that’s if we’re being really conservative with our usage.

But perhaps conservative usage wasn’t what this Pixel 4a owner was after because with a little bit of tinkering, this Redditor managed to take the battery out of their Pixel 5a smartphone and put it into the Pixel 4a, essentially upgrading its battery from 3,885mAh to 4,680mAh, which roughly translates to about a 17% increase in battery life.

According to the Redditor, they claim that they have had years of experience in PCB design and repair and it seems that due to the Pixel 5a and 4a’s batteries looking similar, they thought they could retrofit the Pixel 5a’s battery inside of the Pixel 4a. There were some issues with the fit because it was discovered that the Pixel 5a’s battery was slightly taller, thicker, and narrower, but thanks to some modifications and the shifting of the Pixel 4a’s battery management system, they managed to get it to fit.

This is clearly not a hack that is designed for everyone and there could also be potential issues down the road that have yet to present themselves, but the Redditor notes that they will monitor the battery percentages over time to see how things work out.

Source: Android Authority

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